HandsOn Twin Cities

Dec 2019 - Mar 2020

I build a Squarespace based website for HandsOn Twin Cities, a significant non-profit organization connecting companies, nonprofits, and volunteers. Started from meeting with the client and understanding their needs.

I did competitive research (if we can talk about competition in a field of nonprofits) to see what other nonprofits doing better and where is the possibility for improvement.

After I started to sketch web pages and doing wireframes.

You can visit the website via this link: https://www.handsontwincities.org/


Meg Rauth VanWagner, Director of Strategic Initiatives ar HandsOn Twin Cities

Anatoly was able to transform our organization's website into a beautiful, functional, and effective tool. Being a client of Anatoly's was ideal - he listened to our challenges and was able to help us find solutions. I would highly recommend Anatoly and would love working with him again!

The goal

My client already has a website but it's heavyweight, hard to navigate, and just not a good looking. It is just a database showing a list of volunteers and nonprofits to connect with.

The goal is to create a new website, fresh, modern with the user in mind.


We have 3 types of users:

1. Volunteers, who need to be able to understand how they can help.

2. Nonprofits, need to see that HandsOn is the right place to get help.

3. Companies, they have resources and they need to make sure they will be spent effectively.

After having feedback from potential users, and speaking with clients again, I sketch wireframes of every page need, when website will be launched.

We came up with a Home page, pages for every user, and an About page. Users, opening the home page can easily understand where to go to bring the most value. And About page telling the history of HandsOn and meet user with the team.


Tools used: Pen, Paper, Sketch, Squarespace.

Sketch Wireframes


Visual Design

Visual design, implemented in Squarespace contains all of our solutions towards better user experience. Right now the user is able to navigate through with confidence and get exactly in a place where they need to be.

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