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Creative Mornings Extensions application prototype.

The Goal

Sept 2019 - Dec 2019


Our users attending the Creative Mornings events every month. It gives an opportunity to listen to a speaker on the topic of the month. And, what is more important, meet new people and make connections. Although, due to the limited amount of time, our user is not able to establish a strong contact with people for the first time. So, the user needs a way to "extend" this event. I was a part of a brainstorming team, generated the final idea, and made a final prototype.

The goal is to create an extra functionality in the application, which allows users to find the next events to attend, based on the topic of the Creative Mornings event, and connect with people, who will like to go there too.

Tools used: Pen, Paper, Sketch, After Effects

Our User profile


Design Process

I recreated all routines of my user, connected to his problem, from initial notifications about an upcoming event to the rating screen following the event.  User flow was divided into pre-event, post-event stage, and extensions stage. The first stage is about event notifications and getting a ticket. The post-event stage is about to rate the event, speaker, venue, topic, volunteers. Based on that rating app is moving you to the next Extensions stage. Extensions are different events, classes, and places to meet with people who share your interests.


User Flow

Sketch Wireframe

As we now user's goals and necessary steps in order to achieve them, I continued with sketches of possible application screens.


Low Fidelity wireframe


Visual Design

A lot of attention paid to the Extension screen. User can choose the type of extension he wants to attend. And being on the Meet Up screen, user can see all the details needed, including people, who decided to attend and events, related to this one.


Of course, the app includes chat and group chat options. Detailed user profiles are also provided. We remember that human connections is the goal of this application.


Our user is able to attend various events and meet with people sharing the same passions and interests. Using this app connections with people are growing and our goal is completed.

The results

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