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Thank you, God, I am living in the USA

Updated: Jun 16, 2018

Literally, everybody in Russia knows that my dream was to move out of Russia since I was a kid. First years it was dreaming about the USA, later it was dreaming about Europe. And in last seven years, I lived in the Czech Republic for about one year, as a tourist despite having apartments there.

Two years ago God blessed me, to be lucky enough and I won a Green Card (permanent US residentship). You need not just win, but be in the first 20 thousands of winners, to be at the interview ASAP and not to be outside of 50 000 visas in total. It was several months of waiting, medical examination, a lot of documents and some money.

Finally, I got my immigration visa one week before 2017 eve.

Next day I bought the one-way ticket.

After six weeks after that, I saw America for the first time.

I was very impressed by how clean, organized and positive is this country. There are no such parks or playgrounds in Russia like in Minneapolis, no such roads, and city organization. No such communities, performances, events. But this story is not about Russia.

This story is about my luck and PEOPLE of the United States of America.

A lot of people told me that it is not like you see it now. But they are wrong.

And there is no president or person who can ruin it. It is the country of greatness and power. Where you can work, create and get what you deserve.

Maybe you are not making a lot of money, but here you can get a great quality of life with less money than anywhere. If you were born here you just used to it and everything seems ordinary. But this is not. Even my eyes are adapting to these pictures outside.

I meet a lot of people in different communities and I want to meet more. I see my teammates and my store guests and any strangers. They communicate with each other in a fantastical way. And this positivity corresponds to the enthusiasm of making every piece of this country better.

Every day, every hour I am saying "Thank you, that I can live here. Thank you, God. Thank you, the Government and the President of the USA. Thank you, my luck and me, who filled that application".

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