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Anatoly Khalizev

User Experience Designer

"From research to design and design to development. I'll not only provide meaningful insights, but practical applications packaged into beautifully crafted designs. Fusing the gap between the functional and the fantastic."


Murray Williams,

Flagship Target Store Director (retired)

I found Anatoly to be a courageous person and leader. He worked on my team for just under three years at Target. I found his attitude to be refreshing as he is a self-starter and learned every aspect of the business and earned the credibility and skills to be a key part of our leadership team. If I were still leading teams he would be welcome on any of them at any time and I would challenge him without hesitation with the most difficult roles as I know that he would excel.


McLean Donnelly,

CEO The Makery Group

Anatoly has the uncommon practice to fully consider the broader context of his work – user, business, technology, and industry. From this vital perspective, he delves into design with quality, efficiency and pinpoint precision.This was perfectly deployed for the HandsOn Twin Cities website redesign. Singlehandedly, he took the initiative to craft UX/UI design and build an impressive prototype. From there, he responded to customer feedback and helped deliver a new digital experience to boost volunteerism. Above it all, Anatoly's character and intellect remain his strongest assets. Principled and naturally inquisitive, he lifts the quality of effort for the collective – all while spreading a contagious sense of purpose in everyday work. 


Meg Rauth VanWagner,
Director of Strategic Initiatives at HandsOn Twin Cities

Anatoly was able to transform our organization's website into a beautiful, functional, and effective tool. Being a client of Anatoly's was ideal - he listened to our challenges and was able to help us find solutions. I would highly recommend Anatoly and would love working with him again!

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